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Meet the Minds.
Discover the passionate team powering our innovative solutions.

Leadership team. Driving the vision of Noize Agency.

Chris H. General Manager, Noize Agency, Marketing Agency

Christopher H.
General Manager.

With 22 years in the marketing field and a background as a serial entrepreneur, Christopher H is our esteemed General Manager. He's a maestro in team management, strategy, and nurturing agency growth, bringing system development to the forefront.

Outside the office, Christopher stays active with his passion for fitness and ice hockey, and keeps up with the latest in technology.

Mohsin Siddiqui, Digital Strategist, BDM, SEO, Marketing Agency, Noize Agency

Mo S.
Business Development Manager.

Blending his aerospace engineering background with 3 years in agency marketing, is our approachable Business Development Manager. He's a pro at client care, onboarding, and relationship management.

Mo's interests in painting, cinema, and fine dining reflect his diverse and creative approach to business development.

Seth B.
Project Strategist / Video Storyteller.

Seth B, our Project Strategist has a rich 6-year history in agency work. His expertise in end-to-end strategy coupled with stellar delegation and time management skills, ensures client projects are executed flawlessly.

A cinema buff and videography enthusiast, Seth also enjoys exploring the world of writing and technology.

Brooke K.
Operations Manager.

Brooke K, our Operations Manager, brings 5 years of operational management experience from an ASX-listed company to our team. She's a wizard in team management, operational documentation, and recruitment & training.

In her downtime, Brooke is an avid fitness enthusiast, a devotee of education, and a lover of fictional literature.

Zachh, Creative Director, Sr Graphic Designer

Zacch B.
Production Manager.

With over 10 years in agency settings, Zacch B is our innovative Production Manager. His expertise in team management and creative direction, along with his knack for systemising creativity, keeps our agency's work fresh and exciting.

When he's not leading the creative charge, Zacch enjoys staying fit, spearfishing, and has a curious interest in llamas.

Yasmin, Account Manager, Noize Agency

Yasmin R.
Account Manager / Graphic Designer

With a seasoned background in graphic design, Yasmin R brings over five years of creative expertise to the table. Demonstrating an impressive ability to adapt to evolving digital trends, Yasmin combines her technical prowess with a keen eye for the aesthetic.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Yasmin dedicates her leisure time to immersing herself in books at the beach or exploring new bakeries.

Nicole, Graphic Designer, Noize Agency

Nicole G.
Brand Manager.

Nicole G, our Brand Manager, brings over 8 years of agency experience to the table. She's a strategic thinker, skilled in brand strategy and design, and excels in client care.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Nicole also enjoys staying fit and discovering new travel destinations.

Tristram, Media Buying Manager, Ads Specialist, Noize Agency

Tristram D.
Media Buying Manager.

Tristram D is our Media Buying Manager with 8 years of agency experience. His prowess in media buying and expertise in Facebook and Google Ads make him a valuable asset.

When not busy with media strategies, Tristram can be found enjoying the tranquility of farming.

Venjie V Admin Manager

Venjie V.
Admin Manager.

Venjie V, with over 8 years of experience, is our reliable Admin Manager. He is adept in administration, SAAS account setup, and automating business processes.

Venjie is the backbone of our team, ensuring seamless operations daily.

Creative team. Implementing the vision of our clients.

Kurt P, Web Developer

Web Developer

Hammad Web Developer

Web Developer

Web Developer

Uswa Ads Specialist

Ads Specialist

Tho, Web Developer

Web Developer

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