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Retooling the Revolutionary Toyota “Just in Time” Production Methodology for Noize Agency

Imagine the precision of a world-class car assembly line, where every process is meticulously optimised for efficiency. This is not a narrative about automobile manufacturing, but a glimpse into Noize Agency’s pioneering approach to service delivery. Inspired by the Toyota Production System, we’ve reengineered its principles to revolutionise how services are delivered in our industry.

Retooling the Toyota Production Methodology for a Service-Based Business

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Toyota’s “Just In Time” and “Kanban” Methodologies

The Toyota Production System transformed manufacturing with two key methodologies:

  • Just-In-Time (JIT): This approach revolutionised production by aligning it closely with demand, thereby reducing waste and inventory costs. It’s a principle of producing only what’s needed, when it’s needed, and in the exact quantity needed. Toyota’s mastery of JIT brought them global acclaim, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Kanban: As a component of JIT, Kanban introduced a visual system to streamline workflow and communication in manufacturing. Its emphasis on visual cues to signal production needs allowed Toyota to maintain flexibility and adapt quickly to changing demands.

Adapting JIT and Kanban to Noize Agency’s Incub8 Service Delivery

At Noize Agency, we’ve adopted these methodologies to enhance our Incub8 service delivery:

  • Batch Processing for Efficiency: Borrowing from JIT’s inventory management, we’ve implemented a system where similar tasks across different projects are batched into single phases. This reduces time spent on task-switching and enhances focus and productivity.
  • Visual Workflow Management (Kanban-style): Each project phase is visually managed, similar to the Kanban system, ensuring real-time tracking and seamless transitions between phases.

The Phased Approach: Reengineering Service Delivery

Our service delivery is segmented into distinct phases: Guidelines, Communications, Administration, Design, Audio Visual, Technology, Digital and Web, Launch. This approach mirrors the assembly line’s efficiency but is tailored for the intricacies of creative and digital services.

  • Sequential Phasing for Quality: Each phase builds upon the previous one. For example, the Guidelines phase lays the foundation for the Communications phase, and so on. This sequential progression ensures that every aspect of a project is thoroughly refined before moving to the next, ensuring quality and coherence.
  • Specialisation and Streamlined Training: By focusing on specific phases, team members become specialists in their respective areas. This specialisation leads to higher quality outcomes and faster completion times.

Practical Application: Phases in Action

Consider the development of a website:

  1. Branding Guidelines: Establish the project’s visual and writing styles.
  2. Administration: Gather all necessary technical and logistical details.
  3. Communications: Develop all website copywriting.
  4. Design: Create the visual design of the website.
  5. Digital & Web: Handle the technical development of the site.
  6. Launch: Execute the final checklist to make the site live.

This phased approach not only aligns with JIT’s principle of reducing waste (in this case, wasted effort and resources) but also ensures that every project component is precisely timed and executed.

Leading Service Innovation

By adapting Toyota’s JIT and Kanban methodologies, Noize Agency has set a new standard in marketing agency efficiency. We’ve moved beyond traditional service delivery, creating a model that mirrors the best of manufacturing efficiency while catering to the unique demands of creative and digital services. Our methodology is more than an operational tweak; it’s a radical rethinking of how services can be delivered more effectively and efficiently.

As we continue to refine and innovate, the potential to reshape service delivery remains vast. Noize Agency is not just adapting to the changing landscape; we are actively redefining it, paving the way for a future where efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction are not just goals but guarantees.

Chris Henry

Christopher Henry

CEO Noize Agency | Digital Marketing Strategist

Chris Henry, has over 15 years of experience as a marketing and sales-based entrepreneur. From his diverse knowledge around digital marketing strategy, specifically in converting ‘visitors’ into ‘buyers’, he contributes a wealth of industry experience to his team. 

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