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Product Description

Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities for customer engagement. Our SMS software setup and automated messaging system provides personalised and timely messaging, streamlining communication processes for better organisation and efficiency.

Analyse data for improved marketing strategies and improve customer satisfaction through responsive and effective communication. Never miss a lead or opportunity with our automated messaging system.

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The more you bundle together, the more you save on your Incub8 business growth rollout. Excludes Acceler8 services.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Enhanced customer engagement through personalised and timely SMS communications.
  • Streamlined communication processes for improved organisation and efficiency.
  • Data-driven insights for refining marketing strategies and decision-making.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with responsive and effective communication.
  • Assurance of never missing a lead or opportunity with automated follow-ups.

What's Included?

  • Custom setup of SMS software tailored to your business needs.
  • Integration of the SMS system with your existing CRM for seamless communication.
  • Development of automated messaging workflows for various customer interactions.
  • Training for your team on managing and maximizing the SMS system.
  • Ongoing support and system updates to ensure optimal performance.

The Process

  1. Select & Save: Add your desired digital marketing products to your cart. The more you add, the more you save.
  2. Checkout Online: Navigate to your cart, select your preferred payment method, and complete your purchase with ease.
  3. Personalised Setup: We’ll invite you to our Client Studio app and book a video chat so we can understand your needs.
  4. Express Delivery: We’ll complete your project and deliver it in our Client Studio app. A free round of changes and training is included.

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